Originate More Client Matters with AI Tailored to Law Firms

Find revenue opportunities across your internal and external data using LLMs

Get the talking points that drive new matters

AI and LLMs for Legal Business Development Research.


Identify the risks and legal needs that drive new matters and client acquisition.

AI and LLMs for Legal Business Development Analysis.


Find the "so-what" across documents, websites, and video.

AI and LLMs for Legal Business Development and Generation of Meaningful Insights.


Generate insightful reports and analyses that connect the dots.

Find the critical "So What"

Deep research

Find revenue-driving talking points supported by current data and citations from authoritative industry references.

AI and LLMs for Legal Business Development Research.

Insightful analysis

Analyze and interrogate websites, spreadsheets, text documents, and videos using natural language.

Impactful reports

Generate end-to-end research and analyses that drive cross-selling and new matters.

AI and LLMs for Legal Business Development Generation of Insights.

Designed for law firm privacy standards

No prompt collection
End-to-end encryption
In-memory processing


How is DataPlus different from ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI-driven products?

Unlike ChatGPT, Bard, and others, DataPlus' language-driven platform is built for Business Development, Research, and Competitive Intelligence professionals who need insights, analyses, and data that is accurate, up-to-date, cited, and from reputable sources.

The DataPlus platform sources information across a broad range of business topics and industries, while also providing the necessary deep details that result in thought-provoking insights, analyses, and research that drive meaningful client development conversations.

DataPlus sources information from business and industry-standard brands, allowing users to search for information, analyze data, and generate sophisticated insights in one place.

Where does the data on the platform come from?

DataPlus prioritizes citations from reputable business sources and industry specific content, while filtering out opinion sources.

How is my data used?

At DataPlus we built a privacy-first platform. Your data is yours only. We do not share your data with any third party or use your data or inputs to train Large Language Models.

Furthermore, we do not store any data. Once you log out of the platform, all your inputs and response output get deleted.

At DataPlus we designed our platform with data privacy and security at the forefront, as we know these are core prerequisites for operating within the legal sector and the wider professional services industry.

Who owns the output I generate on the platform?

DataPlus helps users search, analyze, and generate meaningful information rapidly, but you own the output. We just do the work.

Can my team and I try out the platform?

Absolutely! Reach out to our team and we will set you up.

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