A Revenue-Focused
AI Platform for Legal BD

Anticipating demand for outside counsel advice is fundamental for revenue growth and for becoming a client's trusted advisor of choice.

Differentiation is key to winning new clients.

We are building DataPlus to help you achieve both.

Our Mission

To help our clients find and secure work efficiently by delivering high-quality revenue-focused insights that lead to meaningful conversations with their current and prospective clients.

What Defines Us

Cutting-Edge Technology

At DataPlus, we live at the forefront of Generative AI technology as we believe that artificial intelligence provides an edge to revenue-generating professionals.

With a world-class team of experts, we're dedicated to bringing innovative AI and ML applications to the field of business development.

Privacy-First AI

Your success is our business. Your data is not. Our technology simply works within the confines of your PC browser.

DataPlus does not send your data to third parties and does not use your data to train AI models.

A Multidisciplinary Team

Our team is a melting pot of skills and ideas.

We are a diverse and collaborative team of AI/ML researchers, engineers, and business development leaders, all working together to build world-class software that delivers meaningful research, analyses, and insights.

DataPlus was founded by a team of professionals from BigLaw, Silicon Valley powerhouses, academia, Big4 consulting firms, and major enterprise data brands.

Our Values



At DataPlus, we seek and welcome people from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities.

We believe diversity drives innovation, and we strive for a truly inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and can contribute fully.


We promote and celebrate creativity and innovation.

We encourage lateral thinking and creative problem-solving. We acknowledge that failure is a part of the innovation process, and we learn from our mistakes to propel our growth.


We believe that trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with colleagues and stakeholders.

We respect everyone's ideas, perspectives, and experiences as they help cultivate the trust and safety required to take risks and innovate.


We make progress against common goals through teamwork.

At DataPlus our approach to problem-solving is to exchange ideas and bring our diverse set of experiences and expertise to remove blind spots and boost creativity and innovation.

Where to Find Us

New York

New York


San Francisco

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